Fiber Optic Training and Certification Courses

Proper training and knowledge of appropriate test procedures are essential to the success of any fiber optic test technician. Common mistakes and misconceptions should be addressed early to keep test equipment working optimally. Optical Design Manufacturing offers offers certification training for our customers to become acquainted with their test equipment.

Full Certification Course

4 Hours

Cost for Training:
$2950 for up to 10 attendees. $295 for each additional attendee, up to a maximum of 18 attendees.

One of ODM’s technical support experts will visit the customer’s facility (or host training at ODM’s office)to provide a thorough presentation and hands-on experience for technicians. Topics include fiber optic theory, connector inspection standards/methods, fiber cleaning standards/methods, and test equipment standards/methods. ODM’s specialists have strong understanding of the test requirements for numerous specific wireless carrier builds and will assist the technicians in grasping the necessary procedures through hands-on discussion. A 20-question exam will follow the training.
Many wireless carriers and other telecom entities require proof of test equipment certification to be submitted along with closeout deliverables. This option allows technicians to meet this requirement through training and discussion.

Online Re-Certification Exam

1 Hour

Cost for Training:
$195 per exam – Must prove previous certification through ODM

The online re-certification exam is designed for those technicians who have already taken the certification course from ODM and have an expired certificate.
Simply contact ODM with the name, company, and date of previous certification so we can check our records. If the attendee has been through the course before, we will issue a link to take the online re-certification exam. ODM’s trainers will follow up with a phone call to discuss the exam results and provide guidance if the exam must be taken again.
Attendees should have their ODM test equipment available for the phone call. Attendees should be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of all items in their kit and walk the trainer through their test procedures.

Terms & Conditions

Certificates are valid for two years after the certification training session. ODM maintains a database of certified technicians for the QA groups of major wireless carriers. ODM will only issue replacement certificates to the company or individual who initially paid for the training course.
ODM accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or a check in advance.

For more information, contact:

ODM Inc. Training and Certification
(603) 524-8350

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Currently Scheduled Public Training Dates:


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Contact ODM to schedule a training class.


Our Training Partners

Comstar (located in Nashville, TN) holds frequent ODM-certified training courses. Check their Calendar for available training dates or Apply to receive course information.

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