TTK 720

Full Single Mode FTTA Test Kit

  • VIS 300C-PM-02-V Provides inspection, power meter, and VFL in a single package
  • Perform automated analysis of fiber endfaces
  • Loopback insertion (dB) loss testing
  • Full dry and wet/dry cleaning system
  • Fault location with onboard VFL
  • Full reporting capability – send results from VIS 300C via Wi-Fi

Product Description

The TTK 720 kit provides test technicians and contractors with an all-in-one solution to their fiber optic testing needs. Built around the robust functionality of the VIS 300C-PM-02 platform, this kit ensures that fiber optic test results can be gathered and reported using simple, efficient processes.

The VIS 300C-PM-02-V is an inspection and test platform with onboard Optical Power Meter (OPM) and Visual Fault Locator (VFL). All functions of the VIS 300C platform are controlled via the 5-inch touchscreen and ODM’s proprietary inSpec software. Using this system, users can save test results, create closeout reports in the field, and send results wirelessly with a Wi-Fi connection.

The VIS 300C system includes a high-definition inspection scope with interchangeable inspection tips and a hardware button to initiate automated analysis of fiber endfaces. ODM includes several automated analysis profiles meeting IEC 61300-3-35 standards, making the system ideal for all fiber types commonly found in telecom industry infrastructure.

The TTK 720 contains a complete system of “one-click” dry cleaners and lint-free wipes with fiber optic-grade solution for wet/dry cleaning. When used correctly, these tools can clean endfaces to meet the IEC 61300-3-35 industry standard.

Using the onboard OPM and included DLS 355 dual laser source along with single mode test jumpers, users can gather dB loss and/or dBm power readings on single mode fiber. Results are saved directly to the VIS 300C system for field viewing and editing.

The 635nm red laser VFL allows technicians to view bends or breaks in optical fiber. Broken fibers must be removed from fiber optic systems to ensure full functionality.


Download the data sheet for this device’s specifications, accessories, and ordering information.

TTK 720 Data Sheet

TTK 720 User Guide