TTK 580

Wireless-Industry Fiber Test Kit (SM and MM)

  • VIS 300C – Automated image centering and analysis compliant with
    IEC 61300-3-35 standards
  • VIS 300C – Expansive onboard image storage and Wi-Fi capability to
    offload reports wirelessly
  • Instant report creation with user-defined parameters
  • SM and MM light sources with robust power meter and accessories
  • All included accessories are focused on SM and MM fiber testing in
    the wireless industry

Product Description

The TTK 580 is a fiber optic inspection and insertion-loss testing kit designed for singlemode and multimode fiber systems. Combining ODM’s classic simple power meter and light sources with the robust automated inspection capabilities of the VIS 300C, this kit is particularly useful for wireless industry applications.

The VIS 300C is an automated inspection platform capable of quickly analyzing SM and MM fiber endfaces for defects. All functions of the VIS 300C platform are controlled via the 5-inch touchscreen and ODM’s proprietary inSpec software. Using this system, users can save test results, create closeout reports in the field, and send results wirelessly with a Wi-Fi connection.

The RP 460 Optical Power Meter, when used in conjunction with the included DLS 355 or DLS 350 Light Sources, offers complete end-to-end dB loss readings for the most commonly-used transmission wavelengths for wireless carriers. The RP 460 stores thousands of readings in nonvolatile memory to be offloaded to the computer via USB, or the unit can be plugged into a computer to display and save live loss readings.


Download the data sheet for this device’s specifications, accessories, and ordering information.

TTK 580 Data Sheet