OTR 500

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

  • Full event table with PASS/FAIL analysis
  • 2 meter event dead zone
  • Bi-directional averaging

Product Description

The ODM OTR 500 gives test technicians and contractors all the tools necessary for testing optical reflection and loss in fiber networks. The optional video scope allows for extensive options in endface inspection, ensuring industry acceptable optical connections. The unit comes in single mode (1310/1550nm) or multi-mode (850/1300nm) configurations, making the OTR 500 the perfect option for all installation types.

The OTR 500 offers an event table with PASS/FAIL analysis for each reflective event, and the 5 meter dead zone provides accurate reflective event testing in all fiber systems. Each event can be inspected manually using the event selection feature or automatically with the device’s built-in pass/fail function. The OTDR’s simple user interface ensures quick and easy testing in all situations.


Download the data sheet for this device’s specifications, accessories, and ordering information.

OTR 500 Data Sheet


OTR 500 Manual